The purpose of this site is to allow Famcraft players to request non-emergency things from the admins.
Non-emergency things that only admins can help you with include:

Please remember though, if it is something that currently-online staff can assist with,
it may be more appropriate to ask them first!
If it turns out to be an issue that the online staff can not correct themselves,
they'll let you know an admin is required.
That would mean that the issue is probably something that's worth posting here!

Please note: Everything you submit here is private, and is never shared with other players.
The only people who will be able to read submissions made to this site are the Famcraft admins.

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Not sure if this is the right place to request something?
Please see: What is this used for?

If you need to include some images into the submission to help you explain things, please upload the images to any image hosting website and put the direct links to the images into the body of your submission.
If you don't know of any image hosting websites, you're welcome to upload your images onto Famcraft's own image hosting website, the Famcraft Image Vault.

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If you need to an admin to contact you, you may put an email address here instead.

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